About Us


The Mission of the Scranton 4 Ukraine Association is to assist and improve the lives of refugees and other people displaced by war or other military conflicts.


The Vision of the Scranton 4 Ukraine Association is to foster community support by promoting awareness of the plight and circumstances of refugees and people who are displaced so that they can more easily integrate, be included, and feel welcomed in their new communities.

Our Story

On February 24, 2022, we watched live on television in horror as Russian tanks rolled into our native Ukraine and bombs fell on our hometown, Kyiv. Compelled to take action,  “Scranton 4 Ukraine” was initially formed as a small online group of individuals looking to unite and show local support for Ukrainian people. We held a candlelight vigil at courthouse square and marched in Scranton's St. Patrick’s day parade. With a calling to do more than raise awareness, we decided to incorporate this group into a nonprofit charity organization with the goal of raising funds for refugees.

In 1991, as refugees of Ukraine, our family came to Scranton with the support of local nonprofit organizations. We came here under much different and easier circumstances. Our family escaped the political, economic, and religious oppression of the former Soviet Union. We had a choice to leave. In 2022, Ukrainian people are escaping the onslaught of a neighboring dictator. They are leaving to save their lives. They do not have a choice. As our family was once supported in the local community, our mission is to give back and do the same for the new wave of Ukrainian refugees. 

-Alex Groysman, Founder

Board of Directors

Alex Groysman - Term: 2022-2024 - President (2022-2023)
Diana Groysman - Term: 2022-2024 - Secretary (2022-2023)
Gene Groysman - Term: 2022-2024 - Treasurer (2022-2023)
Kira Moore - Term: 2023-2025
Roberta Wywiorski - Term: 2023-2025

5K Committee

Roberta Wywiorski (Co-Chair)
Alex Groysman (Co-Chair)
Johnine Bickauskas
Jule Harris
Alison McHale
Mary Ann Stefko

Bridget Slangan (Advisor)

Michael Cowley, J.D. (Honorary Member)
Darlene Pallien (Honorary Member)

Our Pledge

To be transparent, to maximize proceeds, and to be operated by all volunteers.

As pictured:
Sitting left to right - Darlene, Jule, Johnine
Standing left to right: Roberta, Michael, Lisa (Finish Strong Race Timing, LLC), Alex, Mary Ann
Missing: Alison, Bridget, Gene, Diana

Public Information / Documents

| IRS Determination Letter | Bylaws | Conflict of Interest Policy | Public Notices of Incorporation | 2022 Annual Report |

Federal Tax ID#: 88-1344527

PA Entity #: 7485965

Additional documents are available to the public by request as required/allowed by our Bylaws and by State and Federal laws.