World Central Kitchen - Ukraine Fund
$20,018 - 2022

World Central Kitchen's (WCK) have been on the ground since day one of the invasion, serving meals to Ukrainian refugees on the Polish/Ukrainian border. WCK has since been operating inside the war-torn Ukraine, preparing and delivering meals to those forced to flee their homes. As the situation has unfolded, the war in Ukraine has also become a war on food. Activity at ports and borders has been disrupted, straining the food supply that feeds not only Ukraine, but the world. Since activating in Ukraine, WCK food cargo trains, restaurant and farm partners, have been hit by missiles. Still, thousands of WCK's Ukrainian Food Fighters showed up to provide nourishing meals and food aid to families remaining in the country. These incredible teams have served over 100 million meals.

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International Rescue Committee - Ukraine Relief

International Rescue Committee (IRC) was founded in 1933 by Albert Einstein, to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees fleeing from Nazi Germany. Today, the IRC works in Ukraine and surrounding countries to support Ukrainian refugees. IRC delivers essential aid to Ukrainian refugees fleeing conflict. They provide educational resources, health care, and social and legal support to the most vulnerable groups of refugees, such as women and children. They also assist refugees with assimilation into their new communities by offering language courses, and education and employment support. In response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the IRC is working to reach nearly 2 million Ukrainian refugees in Poland. In 2022, they provided almost $1.5 million in cash assistance to refugee families to help cover the costs of basic needs.

Read more about IRC here.

Thank you to our fundraising partners:

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